Vanessa Sárközi


Vanessa Sárközi (Contrabass)

Vanessa Sarkozy (Contrabass) was born in the year 2000 in Bratislava to a well-known musical family. Her talent was already discovered at very early age. As a three-year-old, she began playing the Violin and at the age of nine, was already accepted to the State Conservatory of Music as an exceptionally talented student. While studying at the conservatory, she also began intensively studying the contrabass - an Instrument to which she has remained faithful until today. At the age of five, little Vanessa also started showing a talent for acting - for which, in 2005 she won the international competition, „The 10-ns for Hollywood“. Through the recognition she received from winning this competiotion, she commenced a successful career in acting. Vanessa also has a great passion for singing, in which she engaged as a small child. At the age of 15 she then began studying opera singing at the conservatory in Bratislava. Despite having such a wide range of musical/artistic interest and talent, Vanessa has remained faithful to the contrabass. In June of 2017 she successfully competed her degreee with honors and in 2018 became a member of „Arte Diversa“